With these three easy to follow tips cooking will become more fun. Try them out to see for yourself!

1. A good knife

knifeNeat and proper kitchen equipment is going to make your cooking experience more fun. But don’t worry, you won’t need an extremely expensive, top of the line kitchen to enjoy cooking. There is only one thing, that you will need: a good, sharp knife.

2. Cleaning up while cooking

cleanEven if you really enjoy cooking, cleaning up afterwards can be a real chore. You don’t have to be actively cooking 24/7. Sometimes, you just have to wait until you get something boiling or stir-fried. So it’s best to use those moments, where you’re just standing there with your arms crossed, to tidy up and clean all the dishes that you won’t need anymore. If you get that done, you will definitely be able to enjoy your meal even more. That’s a fact!

3. Delicious recipes

recipe-You’re probably familiar with this type of situation: You’re hungry, but you have absolutely no idea, what to cook. You want it to be healthy and done in no time. But everything that’s going through your head is spaghetti or frozen pizza. Cook’d offers you healthy and delicious meal ideas, that are quick & easy to cook! We don’t want to shower you with millions of recipes, but there are a few nom noms we just HAVE to share!