Your kids don’t want to eat healthy food and think fruits and vegetables are “lame”? Then you should try out those three tips!

1. Role model

Children observe and imitate their parents’ behaviour, even when it comes to eating. Kids usually try out something new, when they see their parents, other adults or friends eat something new.
So if you eat healthy yourself, you’re not only doing yourself a favour, but you’re being a good role model for your children.

2. Snacks

Fruits and vegetables are ideal snacks! Surprise and spoil your kids with small, neatly prepared portions – they’ll love it. Giving your snacks funny names will make them even more popular, such as “rocket sticks” for carrots or “power balls” for cherry tomatoes! Sweet fruits or vegetables are a good way to start the habit.

3. Education

Where does food come from? People who know that and who understand the cycle that food goes through (production, buying, preparation, eating, digesting) will develop a special relation to food and will appreciate good and healthy food. Go on family trips to a farm with your kids, plant herbs used for cooking like basil, buy food from a farmer’s market and cook together.