Recipes can be communicated through different types of media: they can be written or spoken text, photos or videos. Most of the time you’ll find them in text form with a picture of what the meal should look like.

What are the important criteria for a convincing recipe? Obviously, the meal has to taste good. But how should a recipe be presented? It’s all about motivating the reader/viewer

  • 1. to take a closer look at the recipe and

  • 2. to cook the recipe.

First impression

The first visual impression is decisive: the photo and the structure of the text. If the photo of the meal looks delicious and the text is short and clearly laid out, then it’s more likely that you’ll take a proper look at the recipe.

Second impression

The recipe should be short, simple and clear; it increases the chance of actually cooking it.

At Cook’d we decided to use videos as our media, therefore we make video recipes. We think that it takes very little action to just click a play button that’s placed on a mouth-watering thumbnail. It’s like watching TV, you don’t have to do anything, but you’ll still have some content delivered to you, in our case, recipes.
And if the video recipe is structured and short enough, then it’s more likely to be watched until the end and to be followed.